Why Choose Monitor Fox?

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

Make sure that you're the first to know when your web site goes down, so that you can fix it before you start losing your hard earned money.

Keeping your web site up is mission critical to your business. Any downtime can cause you to lose sales, tarnish your brand and even jeapordize your search engine rankings.

  • Instantaneous alerts so that you're the first to know if your site has gone down.
  • Reliable uptime monitoring using verification servers to prevent false alerts.
  • Multiple test locations available to ensure that you're up and running around the globe.

Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring

Monitor actual visitors who are hitting your website and ensure that your web site is working for all of them.

Real User Monitoring monitors and analyzes all of the incoming visitors to your web site and organizes that data for you in an easy to use interface.

  • Real time monitoring allows you to see how your site is performing for real users.
  • Easy installation allows you to get setup and running with one snippet of code.
  • Analyze all of your performance data across regions, platforms and browsers.

Content Change Monitoring

Content Change Monitoring

Monitor any site you want for changes, we'll monitor it down to the pixel level and alert you of what changed.

Monitor any web site that you want for any changes that occur on it. We'll keep an eye on the sites you select and send you alerts with screenshots highlighting the changes.

  • Monitor partner or affiliate sites to ensure that their landing pages remain the same.
  • Keep an eye on your competition and stay one step ahead of the game.
  • Customize your alerts based on check frequency and percentage changes.

One of a Kind Monitoring Benefits

Uptime Monitoring

We're constantly monitoring your sites to ensure 100% uptime for your visitors. It’s time to stop worrying and have the peace of mind that we’re here for you monitoring your web sites 24 hours a day. Don’t lose money or tarnish your brand - let us make sure your website stays up.

Real User Monitoring

Deliver a better user experience by monitoring the performance of your website based on actual visitors. Gain insight into how well your site is performing across specific geographic regions, browsers and devices. Learn about and monitor every one of your user’s visits to your site so that you can enhance their experience.

Content Change Monitoring

We're here to make sure that your site stays the way you want it. If you didn't make a change to it, or if you don't control the site you're buying traffic to we'll be able to alert you every time a change is made. Don't lose valuable conversions when unexpected changes occur.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor your web sites to ensure that they are performing as well as they can. Uncover any loading time issues or errors that may be diminishing your visitors experiences. Drill down and find out which visitors are having a hard time with your web site.

Virus & Malware Monitoring

Avoiding costly downtimes or complete data losses is critical for your business. Let us monitor your web sites for any potential security threats and alert you so that you can solve them before downtime occurs.

SSL Monitoring

Your customers security has to be your top priority, so we make it ours. We monitor your SSL Certificates for any errors, expirations or other issues. We’ll alert you and let you know what you need to fix to ensure your customers personal information is safe.

Instant Customizable Alerts

Let us notify you if your site goes down, is slow, changes or any of the above. We can alert you instantly via email, text message or both. Our alerts will contain as much information as possible about the outage so that you can quickly notify the right people to get you back up and running.

Content Match

Set a string on each web site you’re monitoring and decide how you want to treat a match. Choose whether you want a string match to alert you that your site is down if it’s found or down if it’s not found.

Multiple Test Locations

Our servers all over the world are constantly monitoring your web sites to ensure that they’re operating in all reaches of the globe. These additional test locations allow us to verify all alerts before we send them out to you so that you don’t waste your resources tracking down false downtime alerts.

Trusted by Many

Our Site being down even for 5 minutes costs us users and revenue. Monitorfox give us the piece of mind knowing our operations are running full speed ahead and if the site goes down we are notified by text in seconds.

I can't even begin to understand how much money I've lost of the years with poor monitoring tools and affiliate landing pages changing on me or my own servers crashing without notification. MonitorFox is the first tool I've seen that really gets it right and monitors for more than just uptime

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